Interactive Image Creator

Sharing Interactive Image to Cloud Server

Easily and quickly share interactive image online without signing up a hosting account, entering FTP settings and other complicated steps. A share link and image embed code would be generated by few clicks:

iiCreator Video Tutorial - Easily Share an Interactive Image Online

  1. Mouse click Share Interactive Image button in horizontal toolbar
  2. Dialog box for sharing
  3. Select Next to proceed
  4. Setting dialog for social network button
  5. Customize the title, description, image for social network sharing button
  6. Select Upload to upload interactive image project
  7. Share link and interactive image embed code would be generated in the popped up window.
  8. Click Copy to copy the link / embed code, and then share the link to others or paste the embed code on the editing page of your website / various CMS
    Links and embed code for shared image map

One-Click Social Network Sharing

In the shared map, we provided the common social network (facebook, twitter, google plus) sharing button to share map easily together with custom title, description and image

  1. Social Network Button (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  2. Social network button (facebook, twitter, google plus)
  3. Sharing your interactive image with thumbnail, custom title and description in facebook
  4. Custom title, description, image in facebook sharing

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